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Imagination is increased today, but emotion is more prominent than reason What to Do: This is a great day for creative endeavors or volunteering your time What Not to Do: Try not to let your emotions control the events or outcome of your day. Main Event: Moon in favorable position to Mercury What to Expect: Clarity is abundant today, as your intuition and powers of perception are heightened. Main Event: Full Moon in passionate Aries in harmony with expansive Jupiter What to Expect: Feelings of hope with a potential for struggling with letting things go. Greetings, Earthlings!

So already we are starting October feeling a little bit behind the magic 8 ball. Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, will be leaving the sign of Libra to enter the mysterious sign of Scorpio on October 3rd. Weekly Video Forecast Week of October 7th, Did you enjoy this article? Please share it with your friends! Share Share Share Email. Monday, October 07, Main Event: Communicative Mercury in opposition to Uranus, Sun in a stressful angle to Saturn What to Expect: You may receive surprising news, experience unique insights, or feel forced to make sudden decisions.

Thursday, October 10, Main Event: Moon in favorable position to Mercury What to Expect: Clarity is abundant today, as your intuition and powers of perception are heightened. Sunday, October 13, Main Event: Full Moon in passionate Aries in harmony with expansive Jupiter What to Expect: Feelings of hope with a potential for struggling with letting things go. Weekly Forecast. It is being stu- died by the two national exhibitor as- sociations and the Council of Motion Picture Organizations.

Reports of find- ings will be made at forthcoming board meetings. Decree Changes Possible Changes in the consent decrees loom as a possibility, at least in the initiation of the steps, this year. Signs of confidence in the industry can be seen in plans this year for the ex- pansion of Cinerama, both in theatre construction and production, the estab- lishment of a national distribution sys- tem by Embassy Pictures, the acquisi- tion of more theatres by circuits and new construction by circuits and inde- pendent operators and the development of new systems of distribution.

All signs point to more releases in , a good but speculative omen. But on the more positive side is the outlook for more quality films this year than were available in All of the major companies have com- edies slated for production or release during the year, but the biggest parade of laugh-makers is set to come from Paramount Studios, which has no less than 11 scheduled.

Columbia and Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer tie for second place with eight each on their production calendars. Marked Comedy Trend While the year will be marked by the trend toward comedy, there will also be plenty of more serious fare. Filmmakers have scheduled 85 straight dramas, 19 mystery stories, 11 horror pictures and a wide assortment of musicals, war, west- ern, adventure and science -fiction films. All in all, the nine majors and the larger independents have productions listed, thus far, for the season.

This number is expected to be con- siderably enhanced by product an- nouncements in recent weeks and by in- dustry developments, such as the re- activation of production at the 20th Century-Fox Studios. That company lists 14 pictures for the current season, through June In recent weeks, president Darryl F. Zanuck announced the resumption of studio activity and plans for an additional 24 films, extend- ing into the season.

Allied Artists, which lists seven productions for , also is expected to enlarge its out- put with the conclusion of a recent pact with Phillip Yordan calling for his Security Pictures to produce ten films for AA release in the next two and a half years. Four of these properties now are in preparation. AA will also dis- tribute an Anthony Mann production. Many From Other Countries Many of the films listed for release also have come from filmmakers in other countries, principally England, France and Italy, plus a growing num- ber made in Spain by American com- panies.

In addition to the films listed by the majors and larger inde- pendents, another 39 independent com- panies will release approximately pictures this year, with an additional 50 foreign films available. Thus, exhibitors are expected to have approximately productions from which to choose their programs. Cinerama houses. Para- mount is devoting almost half of its production slate to comedy, 11 of 25 pictures.

The story is about Monsieur Jules who nans a smart London dress salon as a front for his real activity as Pearly Gates, leader of an underworld of Cockney crooks. Comedy will be tied in frequently with other picture types, as at American International with its comedy-horror films, starring such oldtimers as Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff and Vincent Price. A total of 46 of the major film company productions will come from novels, many of them high on the best-seller lists. Wells, for Ameri- can International, and ,? Biographies, Adventure Dramas Joseph E.

William J. Both of the latter will be released by Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer. While there is a decided emphasis on modern-day authors and playwrights, the classics of legend and mythology, as well as latter-day classical writers, have not been forgotten. Jude Mrs. Herts-Lion International this year will expand its release schedule, featuring a goodly lineup of science-fiction entries, several offering exhibitors an opportunity to tie in their promotions with topical, newsworthy themes.

The company will release two science-fiction epics dealing with the space age. The arm, with a life of its own, terrorizes and murders. As in past years, American Interna- tional will produce and release a big share of the horror and science-fiction pictures, with four science-fiction titles and eight horror pictures scheduled. Suspense and Mystery Subjects Nineteen suspense and mystery stories are slated to reach the screen this year and Columbia leads the production list with five of these. Burnett, is a British-made film starring George Sanders in which a gang of thieves tries to rob the Cairo Museum of its antiquities.

Westerns in Downtrend Western fans will face a dearth of product this year, with only eight such productions scheduled from the majors, one from each company with the excep- tion of American International. The 39 smaller independent com- panies, listing approximately pic- tures for , will continue to fill the void left by the major distributors, par- ticularly in those subject matter areas shunned or ignored by the larger pro- duction companies.

Particularly notice- able this year in the independent lineup are those productions designed for the kiddy market and the documentaries, areas virtually abandoned this year by the majors. While these independents have their share of dramas, comedies, science-fiction, musical and adventure films, the emphasis seems to be placed primarily on those subjects deemed not too popular with the big film distributors. A strong bid for the kiddy market is being made by the K.

Gordon Murray Film firm, with five fantasies adapted from fairy tales, all made in Mexico. Neither the major film companies nor the independents have made a strong bid this year for product in the field of religion. The film portrays the life of Joseph in Egypt, his life as a slave to Potiphar, his appointment to viceroy, his saving of the country from famine and his final reunion with his jealous brothers.

Hyman, who has been making product surveys for ex- hibition on his own for the last several years. In summary, can be viewed as a hopeful year. While the chances of halt- ing the sale of features to television appear remote, other factors on the bright side could offset that dark spot on the horizon. This should be an in- teresting year, as well as one of progress.

While cartoons continued to account for the major portion of the short sub- ject output, the importance of travel and exploration subjects showed con- siderable growth over the preceding year. Evidences are that the filmmakers will continue issuing subjects which not only feature live action and entertainment, but px-ovide an ample supply of knowl- edge concerning the far reaches of the world and the universe.

Significantly and also in line with the public demand, the travel short subject has graduated from merely a scenic tour of far-away places to a more sophisti- cated presentation with a basic theme or story line condensed into its brief run- ning time. One distributor explained that the public has become so travel- conscious that a mediocre travelog draws adverse comment. Yet, he added, travel films are among the top favorites. Added to Many Lineups This fact is illustrated by the grow- ing lineup of travel films emanating from Hollywood.

Columbia, for instance, during the season, released five travel short subjects, compared with only three the preceding year. During the last season, 20th Century- Fox released four travel subjects and for , through June, the company has one subject per month slated, rang- ing in subject matter from a rail tour of Europe to Maine, Chinatown and Flor- ida. In addition, last year, 20th-Fox re- leased three subjects featuring explorer Doug Storer. Warner Bros, released three travel subjects during the season and has two slated thus far for the current year.

In addition, the company has three two-reel Scopes and four one-reel Scopes, all on travel subjects. Warner Bros, also has several sports reels which are also travel films. Cartoons Still Dominant Despite the increasing popularity of the travel-adventure subject, the car- toon, however, continues to reign as short subject king, with the old-time characters retaining their popularity — Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Pluto, from Buena Vista; Mr.

In addition to the nine major film distributors, the past season saw a num- ber of independent companies releasing short subjects and announcing lineups for the new season. Lester A. Schoenfeld Films has five featurettes, ten two-reel- ers and seven one-reelers on its slate for the new season. It was filmed in the natural sur- roundings of San Filipe, with Alazan, the bashful burro, as a leading char- acter. Herts-Lion International Corp. In addi- tion, H-L will introduce a new cartoon character, Barbara, in the story of a lit- tle girl who refuses to conform.

Sports High on List Sports subjects during the past sea- son were high on the list of popular shorts also, and encompassed every type of sports activity from fishing through skiing. Columbia released three such subjects, one each on water skiing, wrestling and trapshooting.

Paramount had five sports subjects,. Among the Movietone Cinemascopes released by 20th-Fox were a number of purely sport subjects, including foot- ball highlights, the Quebec annual sports pageant and one on deep sea fishing. Universal continued its Football High- lights release, and has another sched- uled for the current season. Altogether, exhibitors will have more than short subjects from which to fill their programs during the current film season. These releases will be from the established Filmrow channels of supply.

A number of other sources of supply are available to the exhibitor seeking off-beat or unusual short sub- jects. The Jam Handy Organization is continuing its American series, with free films for exhibitors. Re- sults this year, with only a few slight changes from the poll, indicate that, while stars may come and stars may go, the real pros retain their popularity year after year. They may move up and down the ladder a rung or two, or more, but still occupy a place of honor among the top echelon.

This is the second time around for this royal pair, having shared the No. Grant reverses positions with Rock Hudson and Miss Day crowds out Elizabeth Taylor, the latter moving down to sixth place among the feminine contingent. A long-time screen personality and poll champion, Cary Grant led the male contingent for three suc- cessive years — , and Having dropped to fourth place in , he has regained the "throne" in Doris Day moves up from second place last year, having held second position among the female winners for the years , and , having moved down one step to third place in She first climbed to the higher rungs of popularity in , gradually rising to the number three spot in An important addition to the roster is the name of Sophia Loren, who places fourth in her first appear- ance among the winning array of stars since her name first was placed on the ballot in While most of her films have been Italian imports, she has been popular in America and her first English-language film, "Boy on a Dolphin" for 20th-Fox, made her eligible for the poll.

She won an Academy Award for as best actress for her role in "Two Women," an Embassy film released in both Italian-1 a n g u a g e and English-dubbed versions. Special mention is also due Paul Newman and Charlton Heston, this being the first appearance of both on the male roster, the former zoom- ing to fourth place and the latter achieving seventh position.

Absent this year from the Top Twelve male winners are Marlon Brando, who placed ninth last year and Gregory Peck, who ranked eleventh. Brando's slight drop to first posi- tion in the Runners-up this year is probably due to his having appeared in no new films since "One-Eyed Jacks" for Paramount in Shirley MacLaine moves up two notches to second place in the top ranks, her fourth appearance on the poll. On the male side, Rock Hudson moves down to second position from first place in Having made his film debut in with a small part in "Fighter Squadron" WB , Hudson received his big break in when he played the lead in "Magnificent Obsession" Univ , opposite Jane Wyman, which boosted him to over- night stardom.

Among the women stars, Audrey Hepburn is elevated to third place in the current poll from the tenth spot last year. This makes her seventh appearance since winning fifth place honors in Her role in "Roman Holiday," which Paramount has re- issued, won her an Oscar when it first was released in Eleven- time winner John Wayne slipped from second place in the poll to the number five spot for The former western star's de- velopment as a top dramatic actor was not so noticeable in his films, "The Comancheros" 20th-Fox and two Paramount films, "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" and "Hatari!

Debbie Reynolds, six-time winner, is in the number five niche, having fallen two steps from her pin- nacle. She placed first in and has remained near the top since her initial appearance in She was also first in the poll. Jack Lemmon, who drew the male number six spot, has three consecu- tive wins.

His role in "The Apart- ment" won him second place in the poll. With three poll successes, Natalie Wood remains in seventh position which she held twice before — and A newcomer is Charlton Heston, seventh in the male lineup. He won a Academy Award for his role in "Ben-Hur.

Miss Novak No. Miss Hayward No.

Sandra Dee, a newcomer in , has had three straight wins, but was relegated from fifth place last year to No. Joanne Wood- ward, No. Going down from eighth posi- tion in to No. Her picture for the season was "The Innocents" 20th-Fox. Ford, No. James Stewart, No. He has maintained a steady record — his film career interrupted by several years of combat service in World War II — with only two absences from the poll. This year's "Mr. Kirk Douglas, No. William Holden, No. Tony Curtis, actor and producer with his own company, winds up the male laurel line by swinging into the No.

However, he took quite a drop this time from his third place pedestal in and fourth in The All-American Screen Favorites Poll is conducted by sending ballots listing the eligible stars to the fol- lowing groups: 1. Motion picture editors of newspapers and magazines. Theatres — circuits and independents in both large cities and small towns. The working press comprising domestic, for- eign and radio correspondents. Radio and TV commentators. The Council is composed of motion picture editors, radio film commentators and rep- resentatives of better films councils, women's clubs, civic, educational and exhibitor organizations.

They are the product of the skills, the culture, the combined efforts of gifted men and women who have, in different countries and climes, learned to speak the common language of all humanity — the cinema. Other foreign players whose names have be- come familiar to U. In addition to the creation of new box- office stars from Europe, at a time when Hollywood has been laggard in develop- ing new players to replace the rapidly aging star names of the s and s, the foreign directors, among them An- tonioni, Fellini, Resnais, Truffaut, Ku- rosawa and Ingmar Bergman, are being discussed fluently by movie-wise pa- trons.

In Hollywood, only the late Cecil B. DeMille and Alfred Hitchcock or per- haps John Ford have ever been con- sidered marquee names to draw patrons to the boxoffice. Although the major distributors usually place the Italian-made adventure epics, all dubbed into English, on their regular release schedules for general and circuit bookings, the strictly-foreign product de- mands a more-specialized selling. Janus also has a total of 16 Bergman Swedish films on its schedule for use by art spots planning Ingmar Bergman Film Festivals.

Now the Toho Co. Al- though German pictures had few show- ings outside the German-language neighborhood spots in , Munio Pod- horzer, head of United Film Enterprises, has bought some 38 German features for U. Last year's Barometer listed releases for the season, so more product was offered. However, many of the features listed for did not play in first- run houses in key cities, so no precise estimate could be made of their boxoffice performance. The state of the industry can be gauged to some extent, though, when it is found that of these films, grossed per cent or more of average business, putting them in the Hit class.

While this is only 14 more than the Hits last year out of only releases , eight films scored per cent or more this season compared to seven last season. And there were 22 which chalked up an average of more than per cent at the boxoffice, compared to 17 last season. One should also bear in mind that because of special, regional and general re- lease practices, there is considerable over- lapping of the seasons and this has been indi- cated in showing pictures which played during but which actually are releases.

United Art- ists and MGM tied for the number of Hits, both having 17, although there were 27 in the Miscellaneous category. In addition to the companies mentioned, Co- lumbia was next with 16 Hits, 20th-Fox had 15 and Paramount Allied Artists had five to the company's credit; Embassy and American- International four each. With the number of theatres, including drive- ins, playing pictures first-run often in obscure situations , the compilation of figures has been complicated and this accounts for the number starred as incomplete.

Winner of 10 Academy Awards! Hobbs Takes a Vacation 20th-Fox Mr. While life spans vary widely, even the dramatic lives of motion picture stars, there comes a time when the most popular screen idol must retire — or accept roles in keeping with his or her real age, or the age which Nature and the makeup department en- able them to assume. Studios wisely groom young talent to replace the old in roles that only youth can play, in order to acquaint the public with players be- fore they are given star parts.

Thus in the All-American screen poll, a king and a queen are selected — also a prince and princess in the royal line to take over. This year the 12 young stars that showed promise are headed by Warren Beatty among the males and Jane Fonda on the feminine side. Both have family film connections. Since their faces and names may be more familiar than knowledge of their backgrounds, thumbnail sketches about them seem to be in order. However, her 5. A year later, he learned in Berlin that his father was a prisoner of war.

So, in order to support his frail mother and younger sister, he became an extra at Berlin Metropol Theatre, graduating to radio and stage plays. Among his pictures are 6. During World War II, when Nancy was one year old, she and her brother were smuggled out of Hong Kong in wicker baskets, by her father disguised as a coolie. Edu- cated in ballet at the London Royal ballet, she came back to open a ballet school in Hong Kong, grew interested in theatre instead.

His foreign looks come from his Greek parentage, but he was bom in Norwood, Ohio, and raised in Tucson and Long Beach. Work- ing days as a clerk, he studied dancing at night. That induced a Paramount contract and started his subsequent zoom to stardom. Swedish-American Ann-Margret has the looks, the voice and the dancing talent for star roles in musicals. Maybe Bobby Darin fans who play his rock-and-roll records do not know his real name is Robert Walden Cas- sotto. From her Italian, Irish, English and Mohican Indian ancestry, Connie Stev- ens received a soft, blonde beauty that has helped her TV and motion picture career as singer and actor.

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She and her father moved to Los Angeles, when Connie was An agent started her in TV as a means of breaking into films. Born in in Teaneck, N. That name Tuesday, according to Miss Weld herself, came about because she was born on Thursday, two days late. Maybe she was depressed by the New York Salvation Army hospital, where she was born a short time after her father had developed a heart ailment. Or, maybe, Tuesday just made it up, like about having attended 47 different schools when her mother says only seven. Anyway, whatever Tuesday has gets through on the screen.

This is by choice of showmen themselves, who vol- unteer all Showmandiser material and they like to talk about their successes! Major campaigns came, not only from the so-called art theatres book- ing much foreign-made product but also from managers operating regular showcases. Showmandiser pages dur- ing the last 12 months thus, not only confirm a well-known trade develop- ment, an expansion in art theatres, but also indicate that U.

Change in Theatregoers This means, of course, a change in theatregoers; they pick the films they like, and the filmmakers follow the market. A second matter charged with food for thought, appearing in Showman- diser , concerns the question of intra-industry promotional teamwork, or lack of it, as some trade spokesmen might say. Reports on these examples of distributor-exhibitor teamwork ap- pear mostly on Boxoffice news pages, but Showmandiser does give one an- swer; COMPO-plan saturation cam- paigns, directed by a coordinator with lots of drive and showmanship know- how, is going over big in the Pittsburgh, Pa.

In addition, the distributor con- tributes, usually without charge, a showmanship manual and advertising paper, such as heralds, window cards and streamers; screen trailer, open-end radio interviews, radio-television spots, soundtrack recordings, etc. Profitable merchandising teamwork has been carried out by the Hendel group for several years with distributors, including Columbia Pic- tures, Universal and Warner Bros.

Distributor Cooperation The distributor-producer part in the promotional picture is related in articles throughout Boxoffice, with the Showmandiser telling how they were applied on the local level. And good showmen have one thing in common — they all believe that they personally can do something about any problem that comes along. Within six months, he had proved to himself, and skeptical acquaintances, that his venture would succeed. He also has operated the State in Torrington, Conn.

Grecula makes it a constant habit to read all the tradepapers for suggestions and ideas. All showmen contributing to Showmandiser affirm this in words and action. The deejay Mole was inter- viewed on several of the CKEY pro- grams, and also appeared in a down- town window offering prizes to passers- by who could make Mole the Gravedig- ger laugh!

Two deejays broadcast con- tinuously from the lobbies of the two downtown houses in an endurance con- test. Beauties and brawn from Texas University of Austin — coeds and mem- bers of the Longhorn football team — gave interviews and subbed occasionally at the mikes. A twist contest out front on Saturday night drew 3, Walt Guarino, of the Saenger in New Orleans, filled the house to capacity, also with a twist gimmick.

Also on stage were Fred Astaire dancers, after which members of the audience were invited on stage to do their stuff.

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Staff turnover was cut down and service was improved greatly by A1 Marsden jr. Jerry B. Spinn, who manages the New Colonial in Canton, N. Lew Horwitz and Sanford Leavitt of the Washington circuit, Cleveland, put A-board frames on a two-wheel trailer, flooded the two sides with bright, sealed-beam lights powered from their motor car and toured the streets.

Laughter Guaran- teed or Your Money Back. Linn B. Smeal believes his Western Union deal was a national first. Two is twice one, more so in promo- tion. John L. Fagan and Frank Little, who head the competing drive-in the- atres at Borger, Tex. Most showmen had fun with "State Fair. An increase in radio station-sponsored screenings was noted in Showmandiser in Generally, listeners must tele- phone or send in a card with their names and addresses, then the station mails out special invitations to attend the screening as station guests.

The station broadcast spots on the party for two weeks prior. So Frontier The- atres' H. Griffith, president, and L. This salute was done up artistically in mats, etc. Individual managers used the theme in ads and other adver- tising. A tip on how to make your ballyhoo get the best results came from England.

Get into the spirit of the stunt or cos- tume, wrote M. Exchanges Throughout the U. The U. A Showmandiser article from Walter Reade, Inc. Castoldi is manager. Castoldi relates the program was orig- inally decided on to combat parents' complaints that theatres today are completely disregarding children in their scheduling of films. Promotion was founded on the support of the PTA councils and principals of the elementary schools. Since this requires lots of time and negotiation, Castoldi began work on his Adventure Series three months before his first show.

His approach, as indicated, was that the program was an answer to parental complaints. The Newton, Mass. Charles R. A development was the shop- ping center co-op promotions with the hard-ticket, long-run spectaculars. Nothing picayunish about these — heavy coverage on radio-television, distribu- tion of thousands of leaflets and folders and striking displays. Indicative of the scope of the promotion was the distribu- tion of over , invitation coupons for the Promenade show.

Tke National Screen Coun- cil, now in its tkirty-first year, is comprised of motion picture editors, radio and TV commentators and representatives of ketter film and motion pic- ture councils and of civic, educational and exkik- itor organizations. Joseph Pearson Fredric March Dr. David Coleman Ben Gazzara Dr. Ornitz The Young Doctors Mrs. Charles F. Begg of St. Additional Photography Planer, A. Murals by Maclek Piotrowski Recording Supervisor Patrick Adiarte Dr. Chon Spencer Chan Dr. Color by Production The Cast Mrs. Philip W. Anderson, A. Hurst Technical Adviser Mr.

Griffith, Harold S. Mellor, A. Simonds Set Decorations Walter M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman Howard I. Cotton Warburton, A. Scott, Stuart A. Reiss Special Photographic Effects L. Abbott, A. Assistant Director Joseph E. Sound Alfred Bruzlln, Warren B. Buddy Hackett Eulalie Shinn.. Warner Producer and Director.. United Artists I Wanted Wings. One Foot in Heaven Warner Bros. Yankee Doodle Dandy Warner Bros. Room for One More Warner Bros. Louis Warner Bros. Boy on a Dolphin 20th-Fox tiunfight at the O. Engel Samuel Goldwyn David O. Siegel 5 Awards Arthur Hornblow jr.

Hyman Fred Kohlmar Louis D. Cooper Stanley Donen Orville O. Pine Everett Riskin A. Forester Paul Gallico Frank B. Gilbreth jr. Lasky jr. Beirne Lay jr. Mason John Meehan Seton I. So, in looking over the product, one is impressed by the Top Hit producers, for many of them have made cinema history. Walt Disney, who is ex-edited this past season with a record of six winners, owes his success primarily to his production of family-type pictures. In view of recent censorship pi-oblems which have de- veloped because of more sophisticated product by other producers, it would seem that Disney himself has not only pi-ofited by his policy, but has also helped the industry to answer some of the ci-iticism of cuirent films.

There are his and other family pictures available, if only the public will support them. Three producers have three winners each: Robert Arthur, Hal B. Wallis and Ross Hunter. Cleveland-born Ross Hunter Martin Fuss has come a long way since his school-teaching days, fol- lowed by a period as an actor in Co- lumbia pictures. After returning to the schoolroom for a while he became a stage producer-director, then associate producer for Universal — a producer since The latter is really a semi-religious film, en- tertaining as well as inspiring, in which Rock Hudson and Burl Ives do a mag- nificent job together.

He has been partnered with Joseph Hazen in their own production company. His list of pictures is impres- sive this year, including two top hits in which Elvis Presley starred. Many credit Wallis and director Nox-man Taurog with improving the early public image of Presley. Roger Coi-man continues his successful horror pi-oductions, Sy Baitlett scores with heavy drama and Jack Cummings with sophisticated comedies, which Stanley Shapii'O and Mai-tin Melcher also produce with delightful touches that make for super-entertainment. Mervyn LeRoy has two hits with Rosalind Russell as star — two distinctly different types of pictures which he also directed, one devoted to international understanding, the other a psychological study of a neurotic stage mother.

David Weisbart is another producer whose two top hits stari-ed Elvis Pres- ley, in i-ollicking, family-type films, and English producer George H. There are a number who pro- duced only one hit, whose efforts, how- ever, are notable. HAL B. Para ; Sum- mer and Smoke Para. Stone WB. PHIL C. Without arguing the infallibility of critics, in this instance they are usually right. A good director knows how to use an actor to bring out his or her best efforts, and no one is quicker to credit the director for a suc- cessful role than the grateful actor.

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The occasional conflict between actors and directors, where the actor proves to be right, are only exceptions that prove the rule. The season shows that four directors have as many as three top hits to their credit whereas, during the 61 season, there were no directors who had that many. And continuing the comparison, the preceding season had 14 with two hits each while there are 16 with two hits for This adds up to the fact that 20 directors score with 44 top hits.

There are who had one hit each — certainly a creditable show- ing in the directorial field. Mer- vyn LeRoy has three hits which are quite different and range from an action drama with psychological impact to one which approaches slapstick at times. He also produced two of his hits and di- rected the considerable talents of Spen- cer Tracy and Frank Sinatra in one, Rosalind Russell in two others, teamed with Karl Malden in one and Alec Guin- ness in the other. Swedish director Ingmar Bergman continues to make films with somber themes, one where virtue triumphs and the other where madness and incest are depicted with Nordic lack of restraint.

Roger Corman has two typical horror films, both for American International.

Blake Edwards guides Audrey Hepburn in a brittle, romantic fantasy and, then, both produces and directs a thriller in which the FBI helps a girl bank em- ploye escape a sadistic killer who threatens her. Although John Ford satirizes stock westerns in one of his top hits, he shows what a real western ought to be like in his other, but both did about the same at the boxoffice.

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Robinson keep it in the hit class. Although Ralph Thomas, who directed for Betty Box in his two top hits, con- tinues their doctor comedy series in one, the other is a political drama with romantic overtones, the first released by Governor and the latter by Embassy. This is done by mail. A list of the current releases is sent on a post card ballot for marking and returning by a specified date. The picture receiving the most votes receives the Award, and Honorable Mention is given those that so impressed the members as to receive a sizable number of votes. A space on the ballot for comment has resulted in an interesting exchange of opinion on a page devoted to the Council's appraisal of pictures.

Bine Hi Winners Membership in the National Screen Council comes under four classifications: Editors of newspapers and magazines, radio and TV commentators, members of film councils, social, civic, and educational groups and of exhibitor organizations. The Council and the Award it selects have a threefold purpose. BOXOFFICE sponsors them to encourage the production of mo- tion pictures with appeal to the mass of regular patrons of all ages, to foster a greater public appreciation of the more whole- some type of motion picture entertainment, and to stabilize motion picture attendance on a higher average level.

Journal Register H. Times AL M. News and Ob- server W. Exponent TED F. Journal G. Journal B. Women MRS. A, Long Island, N. Louis BFC W. BURK, Pres. BURT, G. PAUL H. JOHN H. NAN M. Athe- naeum MRS. Indorsers of Photoplays MRS. University MRS. James F. Looram, I. JOHN J. CARL A. JOHN B. CARL M. KURT W. SHAW, U. Daughters of , Lawrence, Kas. HUGO M. ALMA G. MAX M. DON C. There's no business like it — and we are proud to be part of it.

It saw the boxoffice success of a record number of British- made features and the failure to stop the ever-declining figures of cinema at- tendance. Several small distributors came into the business and did reason- ably well. A few large renters sustained an uneasy balance between profit and loss and viewed the future with some an- ticipation. This left 2, cinemas in Great Britain, the lowest number in the history of the business. The three organiza- tions were now the biggest British dis- tributors in the business.

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The third, or national circuit, dis- appeared in practice by the end of the year. It followed the prophecy of John Davis, chairman of the Rank Group, who declared earlier in the year that the third circuit could not continue its operation because of lack of product. The independent film producers, through their association, the Federation of British Film Makers, fought bitterly for the retention of the national circuit.

But they failed, for the simple reason that the distributors were unprepared to place their pictures at the disposal of a group of theatres which financially were unable to gross the same amount of money as either the ABC or Rank cir- cuits. Trading methods became more stan- dardized in a once erratic and compli- cated business. Renters found them- selves completely identified with the in- terest of either ABC or the Rank op- eration.

Booking Changes Effected Now and then, an occasional renter and an occasional feature switched from one side to another. It was usually by necessity and not through choice. Most companies preferred to stick to their regular customer, the alternative being the possibility of less favorable dates and booking terms. In other words, booking became blind, but al- ways subject to the final arbiter at the boxoffice — the general public. There were distinct changes in the financing of pictures by the major Brit- ish renters. During the Rank Or- ganization spent more money on pro- duction than in previous years, but made fewer films, through its own resources.

The Group bought in heavily with al- most every Sam Bronston production. This entitled them to the foreign rights of these major motion pictures in a large number of overseas territories. Diversified Activities Observers noticed that as the Rank Group continued to diversify its activi- ties, motion picture production appeared to form a less important part of the overall situation.

Critics noted that few of the new independents tended to go to, or get finance from the Rank Organiza- tion for Pinewood based productions. On the other hand, both British Lion and Associated British became a ful- crum of attraction for the independents and the year saw the formation of several producer groups linked with British Lion on the lines of Bryanston Films and Associated British in a rela- tionship similar to Elstree Distributors.

Closer re- lations were established between var- ious ranking bodies and the big dis- tributor. News of the year came when Associated British Picture Corp. It had an immediate and dramatic effect on the relationship of the major com- panies in Wardour Street. With few ex- ceptions, all producers could state that, in , the revenue from all territories outside the United Kingdom was big enough to return over 50 per cent of their program profits. These films will turn out to be treasure chests for you— every one of them a hit!

With winners like these packing in the public it certainly pays to book films from Associated British. Carl Foreman Based on the Novel by Alistair MacLean Director J. Brown Mrs. Michael Deacon Patsy Rowlands Cyrus Harding Michael Craig Lady Mary Fairchild.. Joan Greenwood Herbert Brown Kerwin Mathews Glenn Corbett Dennis Waterman Production Designer Annette Robertson Dorinda Yet, there are many difficulties in making a suc- cessful breakthrough. Even when they play good British prod- uct, they still fail to show sufficient in- terest in promotion and showmanship of U.

Business has been remarkably good. With the decline in Hollywood produc- tion, there are more opportunities for British filmmakers in America than at any other period in the history of the business. The potential for the British industry is enormous. Yet, we, too, must remember our obligations to the U. To attract the widest num- ber of American moviegoers to our films, it is no use for producers to al- low the leading actors to talk with re- gional or provincial dialects.

This sort of thing is a big barrier to the successful exposure of British films in America. We must remember that all our films have to be aimed at a world market of pa- trons. Without this understanding, any attempt to build up a big U. We have a selective policy in sell- ing our films in the States. We prefer the smaller distributor, because, over a long number of years, we have found that we receive a better service and more intense promotion and publicity for our films.

Not all British Lion pictures are sold through International. While was a good year, our lineup for the next 12 months with the rush to obtain our product, indicates that will be even better. In this connection, I will say that Boxoffice, through its regional editions, has been a great weapon in the hands of British producers. During , there appeared to be a tendency to seek U. Must Appeal to U. Latta speaks more frankly than most about the prob- lems of selecting the best film subjects during the coming months.

With a record second to none in the produc- tion of films that pay their way both in the U. As a leading War- ner executive and former U. The real problem for all the major British companies is the ability to satis- fy the boxoffice needs of the United Kingdom. The declining cinema attend- ance and the consequent decrease in revenue is making the selection of scripts more difficult for producers than ever before.

The American companies, through Columbia and United Artists, are assisting production over here by large budget allocations for forthcom- ing features. Twentieth-Fox, too, has announced plans to revive its British program, and MGM is expected to do likewise. There is money around for the financing of motion pictures, but the subject has to be right. The box- office results also convinced producers against making films dealing with re- gional stories and loading them with provincial-speaking actors.

It saw the development and steady success of Brit- ish comedies and love stories and will, in , see more of them. Sex has come to stay in British filmmaking and more maturity in the portrayal of human relations can be expected during the next 12 months. There is also a new in- terest in the adventure story. The year started with a paradox and finished with one. The potential for British production and British producers has yet to be tapped. The talent and the money are available. There are more new creative directors and artistes com- ing to the fore in the British motion pic- ture business than at any time.

In the words of Orson Welles, there is more talent among British actors and act- resses than anywhere else in the world. They all came together and enjoyed their rendezvous with cinemagoers dur- ing If the same enthusiasm and creative talent shown by these actors and technicians can be reflected in drive and showmanship by the British pro- duction companies, can be a great year for the entire industry.

But it re- quires a spirit of optimism and faith in the business. Can the British industry, therefore, rally to the challenge of the times? Now is the time for Wardour Street to seize the opportunity. Picture Corp. An exciting new suspense- thriller telling of an adventurer's bril- liantly planned impersonation of the heir to a fortune.

Produced by Anthony Hinds and directed by Freddie Francis. This hor- ror drama tells of a young honeymoon couple touring Bavaria in their car in Their care-free honeymoon turns into a nightmare experience involving terrifying human vampires of both sexes. Anthony Hinds pro- duced, Don Sharp directed. It was filmed on location in the sinister Cam- argue area in France's deep south and in London. Michael Car-eras directed and Jimmy Songster pro- duced from his own original story and screenplay. Based on a novel by J. Priestley, it was produced by Anthony Hinds and directed by William Castle.

In Technicolor. A clandestime mid- day meeting between two employes at a wallpaper factory provides the contemporary theme of this Eyeline Film, starring Shirley Anne Field and Robert Stephens. One of the many dramatic scenes from this Derick Williams Production for Bryanston. Produced by Derick Williams and di- rected by Pat Jackson.

The story of one woman and five men at a lonely out- post in the desert. Produced by George Maynard and directed by Cliff Owen. The scene above shows men from a refugee camp attacking Stanley Baker who is investigating the mysterious death of his father. Produced by Norman Williams and directed by Quentin Lawrence. A contemporary drama in which a teenager is accused of murder. He is shown here being ques- tioned by a psychiatrist. Directed by Leslie Norman from a screen- play by Ian Dalrymple.

Serge Nolbandov produced. Donald Pleasence, who plays the title role in this Torchlight Production for Warner-Pathe, is shown in a hotel room scene with Ethel Le Neve, as Samantho Eggar, with whom he has an illicit affair. The doctor is condemned to be executed for the murder of his wife. Produced by Daniel M. Angel and directed by Wendy Toye. In CinemaScope and East- man Color. Cliff Richard, who scored such a success in "The Young Ones," is starred in his second musical which was filmed against the background of the Acropolis in Athens and other picturesque places on the Con- tinent.

Lauri Peters is co-starred. Kenneth Harper produced and Peter Yates directed. In Cinema- Scope and Eastman Color. Tony Hancock's new comedy is the story of a seaside entertainer who constantly is at odds with the authorities, engaging in fruitless battles with the town's pompous Mayor and Council. The scene herewith climaxed the Mayor's Ball at which Sylvia Syms, as Hancock's wife, flays the guest of honor, played by Barbara Murray. Ronald Fraser also is starred.

Pro- duced by Gordon L. Scott and directed by Jeremy Summers. Michael Relph produced and Basil Dearden directed. It was filmed in scope on location in Yorkshire and at Shepperton studios. It is a Joseph Janni production, directed by John Schlesinger. Produced by Peter Rogers, it outlines the experiences, ten- der, tragic and often amusing of a District Nurse. Gerald Thomas directed. It is in East- man Color. Running time is in paren- theses. The plus and minus signs indicate degree of merit. In the summary 44 is rated 2 pluses, — as 2 minuses.

The Eng-dubbed War Dr The 65 Com-Dr The Wn. The 84 Horror Dr. Austrian-made; English-dubbed. A year-old orphan girl escapes from Hungary into Austria, aided by a border dog, and finds a temporary home with a circus. A baby elephant and the dog become her companions, and at the end she finds the mama and papa and the love she seeks. Mc- Gowan. McGowan International Production. Co-produced in Japan; English dialog. From Pearl Buck's novel about Japanese fisherfolk, continually battling the elements, who fail to heed the warning of an impending tidal wave by the village patriarch and see their entire village destroyed.

This also tells the story of four young lovers caught in the holocaust. Producer-Director: Tad Danielewski. Stratton-Toho Co-production. Based on the Thomas De Quincey classic, updated to San Francisco at the turn of the century, in which a crusading newspaper editor, in his efforts to rid the city of slave girl auctions, be- comes involved with tong wars and hatchetmen, opium dens and Chinatown chases, ending in a show- down battle under the city's streets. Pro- ducer-Director: Albert Zugsmith. Albert Zugsmith Production for Photoplay Associates.

Based on the autobiography of John Resko, whose death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. The film depicts his 19 years of prison life and his struggle back to freedom and rehabilitation, during which time he achieved fame as a nationally recognized artist.

Producer: A. Ronald Lubin. Director: Millard Kaufman. Kauf- man-Lubin Production. For roadshow engagements only. Filmed in Spain.

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  5. A tale of the Spanish Christian leader who freed his nation from the Moors in the 11th century, and his romance with the beautiful, fiery daughter of a feudal lord. Producer: Samuel Bronston. Director: Anthony Mann. Super Techni- rama An unscrupulous London accountant tries to create his own underworld empire by amalgamating the six gangs controlling the "protection" racket and assuming the entire leadership. Savage gang wars break out, which en- able police to move in and smash the syndicate.